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On 24 August, 2022, HC Capital’s community had the opportunity to exchange with Mr Alan @Alan_wb – CEO and Mr Timmy @timmy_wb – CMO of World Bet to join the AMA to provide useful information about WorldBet.

This AMA is organized by HC Capital – The leading cryptocurrency community in Vietnam where investors and traders can receive the latest news and signals as well as discuss and share investment experience in the cryptocurrency space.

AMA Program:
Part 1: Q&A from HC Capital team
Part 2: Top best questions from form
Part 3: Free Q&A

Content of the AMA program

Part 1: Q&A from HC Capital team

Jannie: Okey ! Let’s start our AMA

Today AMA will start now with Part 1: Some questions from HC for World Bet

You can say “Done” when the answer is finished, @Alan_wb @timmy_wb

Q1. Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself and World Bet’s project ?

Mr Timmy: Hello Everyone!

Firstly, I would like to thank HC Gem for giving us the chance to attend this special AMA event.

I am Timmy – CMO of World Bet. There is also Alan who’s joining us. He’s the CEO of World Bet project.

We are World Bet – the best decentralized betting platform built on BSC. 

With the combination of Web3 and blockchain technology, players can participate in betting through Defi in real time by holding the NFT of their favorite team and sharing the reward after each match.

Jannie: Q2. Could you give us some highlights about World Bet ? And can you share what the team has achieved so far?

Mr Timmy: I am confident that World Bet is the best decentralized betting platform built on BSC. World Bet platform has been developed for a long time and we are ready to bring it to the community.

Apart from old traditional centralized betting websites, World Bet applies the decentralized pattern to bring the best equal betting result and give players best betting experience with massive rewards and highlight NFT features (mint, swap, merge, etc). You can read more detail on our World Bet document page.

So far we have nearly completed World Bet’s first phase features. 

Also, we have built partnerships with many strong crypto organizations and communities, which helps our project grow faster.

Jannie: Q3. The trend these days is NFT, especially the ones with P2E. Can you explain more about World Bet’s Play-To-Earn mechanism?

Mr Timmy: The exact word to say about our mechanism is Bet-To-Earn (B2E). Thanks to World Cup Qatar 2022, B2E is going to be the most popular trend in 2022.

Here is how World Bet works:

Every game takes place along with football matches all over the world. 

Participants are required for tickets or NFT Flag (of the betted team).

Participation fee: Free

Betting prize: $WCT / $WBT / $BUSD is distributed to winners each game. For NFT with high percent of reward, winners will receive a bonus. Top 10 participants will achieve more valuable prizes, 1% – 2% compared to others.

After each betting, for burned tickets NFT will be locked during the time based on Flag’s Rarity and participants cannot join at least one next game.

Jannie: Q4. At the moment , where you are focusing right now? Building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Could you please share it to us?

Mr Timmy: Building and developing product or getting customers and users, or partnerships? -> We would say all of them.

From the beginning, our goal is to build the best Blockchain betting platform that brings the best experiences to our customers.

Moreover, so far we have built partnerships with many crypto organizations and communities. The list of them you can find on our Landing Page (this list can surely be larger in the future).

Jannie: Q5. Before we’re moving on to the next section, can you tell us what plan World Bet do to develop more in the future ?

Mr Timmy: We divide the roadmap into 5 phases.

The goal is to enhance and make World Bet platform better everyday. Technology and community are also our main concerns. You can kindly take a look at our Roadmap on the Document page.

For technology, I would say it will be HUGE!

Part 2: Top best questions from form

Jannie: How strong is your team? Many projects starts with good impression and later abandoned the project. What makes your project different than others?


Mr Timmy: Our team is a combination of most experienced people, from Dev to Design team.

With a strong backer with valuable partners so far, we are confident that World Bet would satisfy any customers and continue growing for a really long term.

We always select the best technology to serve our Betting platform

Thanks to this AMA, we are proud to announce shortly about integration with ChainLink! 

The official news will be announced soon on our channel.

Jannie: We all know community is the critical key for the success of each project, so besides marketing with AMAs, does World Bet have any strategies to attract new users and build your community more strongly? 


Mr Timmy: You mean World Bet right?

Anyway, Yes, of course!

As I mentioned, community is one of our main concerns for growing the project. 

We have planned many community events and minigames with rewards to attract new users.

Beside earning money from betting, there are rewards for participants who put their effort during a month with outstanding indexes on Bettor Billboard like: Winrate, number of times they join the top 3 betting.

Total prizes are up to $4000 each month and distributed by $WBT token calculated at the cut-off time.

Jannie: Can you list 1-3 killer features of this project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about? 


Mr Timmy: We are integrating with ChainLink to apply their on-chain technology, which could help updating the match result in real time and increase the equality.

There is also a feature named Referral Program which can help players gain more profit by inviting their friends to join World Bet.

-> There are 2 levels of referral that any player can gain their extra annual profit (2.8% & 1.2%).

Eg: After you successfully invited player A to join World Bet, with $100 WBT he exchanges you will be rewarded $2.8. Similarly, after player A invited player B, you will receive 1.2% of the amount of tokens player B exchanges.

Jannie: What is the most ambitious goal of project ? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?


Mr Timmy: The goal is to bring up the best decentralized betting platform for our community where people can gain more profit with their favorite Football team.

For upcoming updates, beside the ChainLink integration, we are grateful to announce World Bet Fair Launch on PinkSale.

It will take place on 26th Aug 13:00 (UTC). 

More detail for Fair Launch you can have a look here:

Jannie: Successful projects are the result of an experienced team, Project will not evolve without being managed by an experienced team. So, how about WorldBet? Does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world? 


Mr Timmy: Yes we do.

Our team has a great background of Blockchain product development.

From the developers to UI/UX designers, we have chosen best employees for every positions in the team. 

Moreover, with strong backers, we are really confident to lead this project to success and bring value to the crypto community.

Part 3: Free Q&A

@jettie_ness_1990: What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

Mr Timmy: Yes, we are! For now we are focusing on World Cup Qatar 2022 as the main sport event for betting. We’ll expand our market to many popular football leagues like League 1, Premire League, UEFA Champions League, etc.

@Geralyn_caro: Partnership is always an important factor for every project. So who is your partner? What are the benefits you get from those relatiionships?

Mr Timmy: We have build relationships with many partners. They are really popular in crypto market. With their help, We can lead World Bet to grow faster and bring more value for YOU, our beloved community!

@fillerscrypt3: Do you have any Bug Bounty to check for weakness? In what way do you plan to make Your project more complete?

Mr Timmy: Yes. We are planning to launch World Bet Testnet soon! Testnet participants are able to receive rewards!

After a success of Testnet, we will launch World Bet Mainnet in short!

@CalliopeOdette90801: When will your tokens be listed on the exchange and which exchanges do you plan to list on in the future? 

Mr Timmy: After the Fair Launch, we are planning to list WBT on PancakeSwap (estimated on August 30th).

For now, you can join our Fair Launch on PinkSale on 2022.08.26 13:00 (UTC). Link here:

@Thurston_1990: What’s your main focus right now, are you focused on the community or market/Exchange or the products?

Mr Timmy: Yes, we sure do. Beside focusing on developing the product, we are working hard to expand the community.

Beside earning money from betting, there are rewards for participants who put their effort during a month with outstanding indexes on Bettor Billboard like: Winrate, number of time they join the top 3 betting.

Total prizes are up to $4000 each month.

Jannie: Amazing Q&A! Thank you @Alan_wb @timmy_wb for joining us 👏 and good luck with World Bet.

🍁 AMA cùng World Bet hôm nay đã kết thúc, nếu có bất kì câu hỏi nào chưa được giải đáp, các bạn có thể truy cập các group sau để tìm ra câu trả lời nhé 

📌 WorldBet’s Official Links: 

🐦Twitter | ⚡️Channel | 🌐Website | 🌎Global 1 |🌎Global 2| 🇻🇳VietNam | 🇨🇳China 🇵🇭Philippines | Korea🇰🇷 | Japan🇯🇵 | ✅KYC | ✅Audit


Hope this AMA Recap will let you understand more about WorldBet. Thank you for following AMA Recap and for your companion also HC Capital!

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