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On 21 October, 2022, HC Capital’s community had the opportunity to exchange with Thomas Lee @Dy158936 – COO of TechTrees and S Gupta @I_am_Groot_TT – CEO of TechTrees to join the AMA to provide useful information about TechTrees.

This AMA is organized by HC Capital – The leading cryptocurrency community in Vietnam where investors and traders can receive the latest news and signals as well as discuss and share investment experience in the cryptocurrency space.

AMA Program:
Part 1: Q&A from HC Capital team
Part 2: Top best questions from form.
Part 3: Free Q&A.

Content of the AMA program

Part 1: Q&A from HC Capital team

Jannie: Okey! Let’s start our AMA ?

Today Ama will start now with Part 1: Some questions from HC for TechTrees.

You can say “Done” when the answer is finished, @I_am_Groot_TT @Dy158936.

Q1. First. Could you give us a brief introduction about yourself and TechTrees project?

S Gupta: Techtrees is web3 project promoting the cause of SDG15 through blockchain.

Thomas Lee: Hi guys, this is Thomas Lee, I am the COO of TechTrees, thanks for having me here today. About me, well I have been in Crypto space since 2019, Got my master degree in United Kingdom. Me and our CEO is excited to be here to share you the latest about TechTrees.

So, about our project, TechTrees was conceived to act as an international fundraising Web 3 organisation to support the work of trees planting, protecting forests and drive down carbon pollution globally.
TTCt has been involved in community building and has already entered partnership into various organisations such as

a. Act4sdgs
c. One Tree planted
e. Lions and rotary club

TechTrees led by influential leaders. Community is always a top priority for us. Our global team is highly involved and very active across the Defi space, working collectively to achieve every milestone. As for our global strategy, TTC has 5% transaction tax, in which 3% will be used for marketing fund. We are currently using that fund to partner with crucial KOL and influencers to help build our communities and brand recognition of TTC. We have built English, Italian, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Thailand, Vietnamese, Iran, Saudi Arabian communities as of today.

S Gupta: I have been in crypto since 2018 as investor, I am an engineer by qualification and an academician by profession.

I have been working on SDGs since 2012 and have steered numerous SDG projects.

Jannie: Q2. How did you come up with the idea of TechTrees? Could you tell us some of the highlights of TechTrees ?

S Gupta: The idea was born out of Elon Musk‘s vision of a reducing carbon emissions.

We at TechTrees, aim to act upon SDG 15.3 (tree plantation) using gamefi and other utilities in our ecosystem.

Thomas Lee: With multiple national planting licenses around the world. Also to celebrate the first milestone of breaching $70M market cap and 70K followers on Twitter, TechTrees Coin has burned 10% of the total supply, which equates to burning around 690 million tokens that worth $7M.

Jannie: Q3. What is the most ambitious goal of TechTrees? What is the ultimate vision that your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrency market? I would appreciate it if you guys could share with us any upcoming updates.

Thomas Lee: The ultimate goal for TTC is without doubt, to let more people across the world participate and pay attention to environmental protection and to promote a green sustainable lifestyle.

S Gupta: The goal is to bridge web 3 and SDGs. Our staking is about to be launched and it has a unique feature of green energy which shall contribute to our mission of tree plantation.

Thomas Lee: Also, we want to bring more utilities to our supporters. And the mission for us is to achieve 1 TTC equals to 1 USD. As for the upcoming events, we will be focusing on utilities development in the future.

We are very glad to announce that our Staking module and Swap module is in process testing. We would like our supporters to have the best experience with us. Shout out to the technical development team, they did all the work.

If things go smoothly, our Staking module will be launched sometime next week and Swap module two weeks later. Some Mini games and the long-awaited Plant to earn GameFi will be meeting with you ASAP. You can see the road map that released by us a couple days ago. So far, we have locked up Lp and being audited by Certik, a leading security-focused tanking platform. Skynet has been enabled actively to monitor and display data insights.

Jannie: Q4. We all know the community is the critical key to the success of each project, so besides marketing with AMAs, does TechTrees have a proper long-term plan to attract new users and build your community more strongly?

S Gupta: Currently TechTrees is working on both online and offline marketing campaigns, but our biggest focus is on partnerships, as my colleague mentioned we already have some big partnerships with One Tree Planted, Act4SDGs, PPSA, and we are talking to huge names for more collaborations which will give us exposure.

Our next step is to bring small enterprises onboard employing upto 100 people and collaborate with them for carbon offset program.

Part 2: Top best questions from form

Jannie: Can you tell us when will TechTrees release the token?


S Gupta: We launched on Sept 10, 2022.

Thomas Lee: We have been growing at a very fast pace and there’s a lot that has happened in the past 45 days.

We launched with a market cap of 984k and we have breached 70m market cap at the highest within a month in one of the worst market and financial conditions during the past decade. We’d like to thank all our community members for their continuous support and effort. We have increased from barely 3,000 holders to over 42K holders.

Jannie: What are the steps to join TechTrees community and begin earning money? Where can we sign up and make investments?


S Gupta: You can join our Global TG community at

And we do have a dedicated Vietnamese community at

Every day we have giveaways happening for our community members and also a grand giveaway of 20000$ in $TTC ends on Oct 31, you can join the giveaway and earn money.

Apart from the giveaways, our plant to earn gamefi will go live soon.

Here’s the link to our gleam giveaway

Jannie:Listing on the right exchanges especially major exchanges helps to increase the token price and is a form of Marketing. So where can we buy Token and what plans do you have for listing on major exchanges (DEX and CEX)?


S Gupta: Currently you can buy TTC at pancakeswap, changenow, stealthex.

We are looking at top exchanges, talking to them and hopefully very soon we shall be on them too.

Thomas Lee: We are currently under discussion of getting listed on some of well-known Exchanges.

But I do not want to spoil or exaggerate anything, so we do require a little bit patience from our supporters. These things will happen naturally.

Jannie: How important is the community to you? and how can we collaborate or help you for the development of the project?


S Gupta: Community is everything for us, it’s the backbone of the project and without its support we can’t grow. We would invite you all to join our TG and follow us on Twitter and other platforms.

Jannie:What are the ways that TechTrees generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project?


S Gupta: As I mentioned earlier, we are developing a model for carbon credits which will generate revenue for the project Also our buy sell tax currently covers our marketing costs.

5% is the tax, 2% goes for manual burn and 3% goes for marketing.

Part 3: Free Q&A

@Richard1285: IMPORTANT QUESTION? Audit is important for both trust and security. Have you done any audit of smart contract?

Thomas Lee: You can see the road map that released by us a couple days ago. So far, we have locked up Lp and being audited by Certik, a leading security-focused tanking platform. Skynet has been enabled actively to monitor and display data insights.

@TawnaHoang41: Hello. Do you have any plans to attract non-crypto investors to join your project? Because the success of a project attracts more investors who haven’t yet entered the crypto world. What are the plans to raise awareness about your project in the non-crypto space.

S Gupta: Yes, again as mentioned earlier, our focus is to bridge web3 and SDGs.

We are focusing on partnerships in the real world to achieve this.

@MarcelinaZook11: Do you have any ongoing or upcoming reward program events, please let us know in detail &do you have any ambassador program as well as your project? More communities hold events to attract more people. That is also the main thing to attract project investors.

S Gupta: We have ongoing daily giveaway campaigns going on and also 20000$ gleam giveaway.

@Kristofer_Brandenburg_2002: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens Will be minted? And how many tokens Will be locked by the team?

S Gupta: These details are explained in our whitepaper.

You can see it at

@FOOTBALLER_1: Can you share your social media links so we can keep ourselves updated?

Thomas Lee:


@alejandrinastanford34: Can you list the features that your project has and other similar projects don’t and can you convince me to invest in your project as compared to others which are similar to yours?

S Gupta: Our gamefi makes us unique no other project is working on the bridging web3 and SDGs.

Jannie: Amazing Q&A! Thank you @I_am_Groot_TT @Dy158936 for joining us ? and good luck with TechTrees.

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? TechTrees’s Official Links:
Website | Twitter | Telegram | Instagram | Facebook


Hope this AMA Recap will let you understand more about TechTrees’s. Thank you for following AMA Recap and for your companion also HC Capital!

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