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On 18 September, 2022, HC Capital’s community had the opportunity to exchange with Mr Jame – The Tiger Captain @jame_metaburst | CMO of $MEBU to join the AMA to provide useful information about MetaBurst.

This AMA is organized by HC Capital – The leading cryptocurrency community in Vietnam where investors and traders can receive the latest news and signals as well as discuss and share investment experience in the cryptocurrency space.

AMA Program:
Part 1: Q&A from HC Capital team
Part 2: Top best questions from form.
Part 3: Mini Quiz

Content of the AMA program

Part 1: Q&A from HC Capital team

Jannie: Okey. Let’s start our AMA 🚀

Today Ama will start  now with Part 1: Some questions from HC for MetaBurst

Q1. Can you please introduce yourself and your team to the community?

Mr Jame: My name is Jame, I’m here today representing MetaBurst team to have an AMA with you guys. In MetaBurst, I’m in charge of PR & Marketing for the project.

I have been playing the role of Head of Marketing in the Finance & Technology fields. My previous job worked deeply in giving finance & credit solutions to mass customers. While working in this field, I realised how the potential of blockchain technology can be applied to our real life, especially the economic aspect.

The team was started by veterans of hard-core gamer – Jame (CMO).

After pitching idea of the project to the family & friends, I quickly got support from Cook (CTO) and Justin (Dapp & Blockchain engineer) who have worked with Cook for a long time. We also got a strong support from the art & design team of Edward (Art Leader) who is behind our game visuals. By my side, I got support from William, Miley & Helen Luan to grow, run & manage our global & regional communities.

Under this strong stacks & 1000+ hours of hard work, we released our game testnet version and attracted hundreds players who joined and tried it. Be leveraged from this very 1st success, we are confident that we can deliver & bring more values to our players.

Jannie: Q2. Could you please introduce MetaBurst to us?

Mr Jame: Definitely! I would love to answer this.

In terms of our project, MetaBurst is more than just a game of Play for Fun or a Play to Earn, our game creates a perfect combinations of these 2 aspects, also competitions for players to gain valuable reward, which requires game skill and experience through training and compete other players.

MetaBurst’s fundamental goal is to create a game in which each player has a role and to change community prejudices with an NFT Game product that is not only a Play to Earn but also a Play for Fun.

There are currently 3 game modes: Solo mode, Multiplayers & Tournament.

This game that we have been developing aims to be enjoyable for all players by requiring their intense thinking and patience, from that, they can earn more income and grow with the project.

We are ambitious that we will make this NFT to become a unicorn on GameFi, beside that the communit keep on expanding and growing, we are confident that this is going to happen soon.

Jannie: Q3. What are the services and products your project offers and what is the role of your token?

Mr Jame: Ok! Let’s first talk about our game! 

There are 3 crucial factors that our team wants to bring to the players:

The first one is an interesting and attractive Gameplay that can attract great participation of players (bring the legendary Flappy Bird back)

Secondly, it is the exciting incentives section for players as they can both Play and Earn.

Finally, MetaBurst will support in providing a blockchain-based platform to ensure transparency and safety.

When it comes to the role of our tokens, we have so much to say!  

$MEBU is officially game’s token, with a total supply of 100 milions and is developed on the BSC blockchain.

Currently, the game uses the token $MEBU as the main currency of the project, players will use this currency to trade NFTs on the marketplace, to ensure stable growth when the number of investors increases gradually according to the game’s roadmap.

NFTs are spaceship modules that will be assembled into spaceships to participate in the adventure. In the competition, the rewards are $MEBU & GEMS, Gems can be used to create new NFTs & upgrade core engine

In summary, $MEBU can be used to:

  • Craft the spaceship 
  • Trade in marketplace
  • In-game reward

Next phase: 

  • Craft the space station, upgrade the spaceship, upgrade the core engine.
  • Buy in-app advertisement (like mobile game ads)

Jannie: Q4. What are the marketing strategies and programs you are planning to attract new users?

Mr Jame: Our plan will be to do marketing more in existing markets (Asia), and push more in other countries.

The game modes will be updated continuously, the events in the game will be more diverse. For example, the Tournaments game mode is the event that will be held regularly, the prizes are Legendary NFTs and Token.

Multiplayers mode will be developed in the future based on the Metaverse trend, this mode will promote interaction between users in the game.

In addition, our team is also planning to go global, set foot in many countries, and exciting markets in Europe.  And the biggest goal is to make MetaBurst more than just a game but a companion to each individual.

Jannie: Q5. What plans are you having to take care of your community?

Mr Jame: We acknowledge that community is a contributing factor to building an interesting game, so MetaBurst is always open to all feedback and suggestions from the public. When the game is widely accepted by the whole community, it is more likely to expand and grow stronger. MetaBurst has targeted a wide range of customers such as traditional gamers who want to earn more income, crypto community and mobile game lovers.

MetaBurst has currently opened a few local communities. In addition, we are going to develop in such other markets as India, Indonesia and China. MetaBurst is also connecting with as many crypto communities as possible from around the world as well as hosting many AMA events to attract the community, target many worldwide investors to build a strong global community, and at the same time create many events in local communities.

We continuously post our lastest information so that the community can get the most accurate and fastest information. In addition, we also conduct live chat sessions with the international community as well as each small community in different countries.

Jannie: Q6. Could you pls introduce the current development progress and achievements? And what can we expect on your roadmap in the near future?

Mr Jame: We’ve been running testnet for 5 days and it has been going very well. Hundreds people joined and tried our game. We’ve got like so many feedback to improve the production. The mainnet game is ready to launch right after Fairlaunch ends.

In Q4, the primary goal is to fully developed our mobile version on iOS and Android.

In the long run, the team expects to introduce Metaverse content after having finished all the research and playtesting steps.

Jannie: Q7. Last question is about your token sale round? What is its detail and where does it take places?

Mr Jame: Happy to share you guys these detail here.

We are going to hold a fairlaunch sale at 1400 UTC Sunday 18th Sep. It would end at 1500 UTC Tuesday 20th Sep and goes to PancakeSwap listing one day after that (1500 UTC Wednesday 21st Sep).

WhalePad is one of the most valueable partners of us will be the venue take care the sale round. It is the very 1st launchpad helping everyone to initiate their own crypto fundraising whilst paying dividend to users. A suite of tools was built to ease tokens and presale pools launch in a fast, simple and cheap way, with no prior code knowledge required and 100% decentralized. With their support from beginning of our project (tech, community, marketing,…), we believe that it will be a success fairlaunch.

Part 2: Top best questions from form

Jannie: Q1. Many scam projects on the market. I want to invest in your project but I have worried. Can you assure us that you are not like the others and have no chance of scam? @buffolove

Mr Jame: Our project was audited and KYC by Coinscope




The 1st thing is that we’re different compare to other click to earn games. Our game honor the gamers by rewarding players by their skills. The better skill, the more reward they will get.

We’re go also going to hold weekly/monthly tournament to enhance the communities interaction.

Jannie: How strong is your team? Many projects starts with good impression and later abandoned the project. What makes your project different than others? @traderdudinh

Mr Jame: I would like to say that our team is very dynamic and openminded. We are a bunch of hardworking and dedicated people and have been working hard as much as we can to build our platform at a faster pace but not by skipping any important measure such as – bugs, security, fool proofing etc.

I owe respect to the whole crypto universe and I believe every project is individual in its own kind but, If you ask me why MetaBurst is different then this is because it is the very first of one of its kind.

Jannie: Where did you get the inspiration for this unique project idea? What plans does MetaBurst have to build trust and build collaboration in the community? And what is your strategy for attracting users from outside the crypto space @yiyimay

Mr Jame: We understand that our game mechanics will be interesting for non-crypto fans of tactical and strategic games. At the moment we have already developed some marketing strategies focusing on attracting such players. One of such strategies is to involve influencers from different fields, who would be able to report to their audience the information about our project.

One of our main goals is to make easy onboarding for new players into the crypto space. Users that we attract through the marketing campaign won’t be acquainted with crypto as much as users from Telegram and Twitter. So we’ll make a lot of guides on how to play the game, buy tokens, buy assets and sell them. We’re certainly going to emphasize the educational part of the project.

Jannie: Successful projects are the result of an experienced team, Project will not evolve without being managed by an experienced team. So, how about MetaBurst? Does your team have good experience in the cryptocurrency world? @jamesmumbaa

Mr Jame: Yes we have a very energetic team of developers who are already working on development of the games that we are going to have in MetaBurst games, the testnet game for is running for few days and you guys can try it. So in short i may say that the team is very sound in the sectors they are working in and all we need is trust and support from the community in return so that we can deliver them everything we promised under the committed timeline.

Part 3: Mini Quiz

Mr Jame: What’s the inspiration of MetaBurst game concept?

@justineric99: MetaBurst is a P2E arcade game which is inspired by a legendary game called Flappy Bird.

Mr Jame: What $MEBU (token) can be used to?

@tv100029: $MEBU can be used to

  • Craft the spaceship 
  • Trade in marketplace
  • In-game reward

Next phase: 

  • Craft the space station, upgrade the spaceship, upgrade the core engine.
  • Buy in-app advertisement (like mobile game ads)

Mr Jame: What’s the partner providing KYC and Audit for MetaBurst?

@shadow_5201314: Coinscope

Mr Jame: What things that determine reward of $MEBU players?

@lienkim: The 1st thing is that we’re different compare to other click to earn games. Our game honor the gamers by rewarding players by their skills. The better skill, the more reward they will get.

Mr Jame: What’s our primary goal in Q4?

@minano2006: iOS and Android

Jannie: Amazing Q&A! Thank you @jame_metaburstfor joining us 👏 and good luck with MetaBurst

It was a great AMA session

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✅ MetaBurst’s Official Links: 

Website | Official Announcement | Community Telegram | Twitter | Discord


Hope this AMA Recap will let you understand more about MetaBurst. Thank you for following AMA Recap and for your companion also HC Capital!

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